Gardening at Newstead Abbey


Newstead Abbey is a historical abbey with beautiful gardens that are open to the public. It is run by Nottingham City Council, but they often need the support of volunteers to do the fun, outdoorsy tasks that full-time staff find difficult to fit into their current workload.

On this occasion, they would like volunteers to help with some ‘tidy-up’ jobs in the garden and grounds of the abbey to keep them looking lovely.

When? Wednesday 22nd February, 10:30am – 4pm

Where? Newstead Abbey

Anything else? You’ll be based outside for most of the day, so wear suitable warm clothing and footwear!

Tea and coffee will be provided, but we advise taking some lunch and snacks along with you.

You won’t be expected to make your own way there – one of our Student Volunteering Week reps will meet you, and you’ll all get the bus together. You will need to buy a bus ticket, but make sure you keep it, as the Students’ Union Volunteer Centre will reimburse the cost!

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